3 Jul

No luck with our project

I’m afraid to write that our project has not been one of the chosen ones. Our mark has not been high enough compared with other projects. We’ll try to learn which has been our weaknesses in case we decide to try again later on once we are back to school in September.

THANKS so much for your effort.


27 Nov

Looking for a project? We’ve got one!


Welcome to the website about our Comenius Project.

We want to work on the education for the health, consumption and security by sharing our experience gained through the development of precise tasks in those areas in recent years. We are looking for a real experience exchange and working alongside other european schools so that we can enrich our work, and our student’s, with a eropean dimension. So, if your school is considering joining a Comenius project, please, consider ours!

For more details, please, have a look at the draft of our project:


And if you like it, please, get in touch!


We still need to find partners and exchange ideas to get the final draft of the project before sending it to qualification. Our deadline to accept new partners has been extended until s December 31st.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,